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Castle makes me inutterably happy. It's not a deep show, or a complex show, but it's just so cute and funny and I just have a big silly grin on my face after every episode.

Also, Nathan Fillion remains incredibly pretty.
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You know, when I comment snarkily to my bf about how very very annoyed I get at all the knee-jerk "human cloning is profoundly wrong" bs that flies around without even a single solitary reason offered as to why (because "human cloning" actually means "mindless humans grown in vats for the purposes of harvesting their organs, or something equally nefarious", natch) --

-- the last thing I expect in response is an argument about how growing humans in vats for the purposes of organ-farming is wrong.

I mean, no shit, unless you've somehow also engineered the ability to make sure that they're literally brainless as well*, in which case:

a) I can't imagine the organs are developing properly, and
b) why aren't you capable of growing the organs separately, or inside a non-human animal, which as far as I understand we are much closer to being able to do than growing an entire human, to the extent that we're anything like close to being capable of either, and
c) this has what-the-fuck-all to do with arguments about taking a human ovum, giving it a specially-primed new nucleus and then treating it exactly like an IVF embryo?

And even if you assumed that some company were unethical and reckless enough to do that (and I harbor no, or at least I hope very few, illusions about the fact that many would be, were it economically and legally feasible) for the purposes of organ harvesting or human experimentation - why are they not doing that now and simply either buying children or surreptitiously paying surrogate mothers to bear them? Human eggs can be had for about 5K the dozen. Sperm can be had by the millions for a ten-spot. Combining the two, and implanting the result, is sufficiently well-understood that the whole process can be performed at retail for a few tens of thousands of dollars. Hell, there are millions of already-mixed-up embryos just waiting for a nice warm womb to call home, that can probably be had cheaper than the raw materials. All of this is much much cheaper than setting up an entire lab to do human cloning. So why isn't there a giant black market in IVF'd-to-order babies for the Pfizer-Merck-Clairol market?

...oh, right. Because that's already illegal on so many levels that creating someone's decades-removed twin has nothing to do with it.

Did we actually have debates, back when the first test-tube baby was conceived and born (aside: I am not sure why this is in my head, but for some reason I always picture Louise Brown as being conceived In Space), about whether they'd be human? Like, did people actually think it was wrong because somehow the babies born as a result would obviously not receive the same rights and protections at law that babies conceived the usual way would? Because I'm not old enough to remember, and barring bizarre misconceptions of science like the one the boyfriend is guilty of (ie, clones are not humans grown in vats, no matter what your favorite fiction may tell you), I really don't understand why it's such a big frigging controversy.

* If they are, in fact, literally brainless, I relegate the topic to the realms of something I consider inevitable, which is that the first vat-grown meat** to hit the market will be closely followed by the first business to traffic in certifiably vat-grown human flesh for consumption, to which I say ew and worry about questions of provenance but cannot actually declaim as intrisically wrong.

**Yes, this is the kind of thing I think about, a lot of the time.
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So, having watched the first couple of episodes of Dollhouse, and having read everyone else's reactions, I don't find a lot to disagree with, in terms of the fact that Dollhouse is creepy and skeevy and wrong, and both way too much the Joss I know and not enough (in terms of dialogue etc) the Joss I hope for, and I don't necessarily trust that Joss is capable of recognizing and dealing with the skeeviness he's created in a way that actually makes it worth it. Last night's episode really drove home what it was that creeped me out the worst about the show, though: cut for spoilers )

And then there's the fact that I've read the alleged original pilot script, and it's so much better than either of the two episodes that have aired, and I can actually find the Joss in it (see post subject), unlike the episodes that have aired. It actually makes me want to watch the show. Did we know that spoiler )? Because I totally missed that, if so. The show that it lays out is so much more convoluted, and contains so many more realized (in that one episode) factions, and seems at least somewhat more aware of the creepiness of the premise - it's just all-around so much better than what's actually aired.

Dammit, FOX, why do you make everything suck?
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I think I'm feeling fannish again for the first time in a very long time. First there was the contact high I started getting from everyone going crazy over Merlin (and agh, where do I get that anyway? since everyone is so excited), and then (late, as usual), I realized suddenly that everyone raving about Avatar: The Last Airbender weren't just blowing hot air (so to speak). In short ja;lj;asjas oh yes, this is what it used to feel like, hooray.
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the boy (11:19:59 PM): Odin has some serious angst, though!
the boy (11:20:13 PM): He knows that winter is coming, and there's nothing he can do about it!
magistera (11:20:18 PM): Willow seems somewhat peripheral to Season 8. I'm a little worried about the sexy goddess/demon thing, though.
magistera (11:20:39 PM): That's the kind of thing that always ends up bad in Jossland.
the boy (11:20:52 PM): I feel like I am not getting enough credit for working the Stark words into my Odin/Xander comparison!
magistera (11:20:56 PM): lol
the boy (11:21:10 PM): That deserves more than an ex post facto courtesy lol!
magistera (11:21:50 PM): We do not lol!
the boy (11:22:11 PM): HEAR ME LOL
magistera (11:23:04 PM): What is dead cannot lol!
the boy (11:23:04 PM): but lols again, stronger!
magistera (11:23:26 PM): Valar morglolis - all men must lol!
the boy (11:24:04 PM): Azor Ass'hai requires the blood of kings to lol!
magistera (11:26:18 PM): I feel this is all going to end in fire and lulz.
the boy (11:26:58 PM): I don't think that I can top that, so you win.
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OK, Dr. Horrible, okay. Okay. I am not in any way dying over lkjhasldkjhasldkjhasdslkjh neil patrick harris and nathan fillion and GOD DAMN YOU JOSS OK YOU OWN ME ALREADY IS THAT ENOUGH??? I don't really know what else I can say.



Son of ETA: BURN! Everything you ever wanted...

So apart from keysmash. Um. Andrew, yes? SO MUCH ANDREW. AND ALSO kasjhdkaJHdkahd. GAH.
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*ahem*. That is all.



Feb. 1st, 2008 10:27 pm
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The air conditioner just fell out of the window.

And we're on the 4th floor.
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I'm not quite sure what to say. Any number of jokes are no longer funny; and all the defenses are tainted. So I'll just say: I loved his books at a time when I really needed to, and y'all who didn't can suck it, because the world is a little darker without him.

Death is lighter than a feather, dude. I hope it worked out that way for you.
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And that's it. It's over.

I don't really know how I feel about it yet, and I'm too tired to put together a proper reaction post. Getting old, I guess; after HBP I was jazzed up enough to post multiple times before I crashed. A few incoherent spoilers )

My boyfriend crapped out on me halfway through the book; he is clearly a lightweight. He's still passed out on the couch, book open to page 459, snoring a bit. I'll get him up and into a proper bed in a minute.
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Oh, my god. It just hit me. It's almost all over, and I wasn't done with it yet.

I do not want this book.


Jun. 14th, 2007 12:00 am
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I thought it was a hoax.

I mean, I saw something about it in the news a few months back - but it was the weird news on the Metro Express, and they were talking about some tiny village in Africa, and the Tanzanian government condemning it and so on - and, well, Reuters reports all sorts of crazy shit in their weird news, and they source a lot of it to Africa. Maybe because that's far away and different-seeming enough of a place that they figure people will believe anything if it's set there? Or maybe it's just racism. Whatever. I didn't believe in the rain of blood, and I didn't buy into this brain eating cult spreading like wildfire in the shade of Kilimanjaro. I don't believe most of the shit on Ananova, either.

I'm rambling. Adrenaline, I guess. Deep breaths.

I do remember hearing about it when they sent the CDC team in. They were calling it a prion disease, like mad cow with a nasty, homocidal twist. The scientists on TV had all sorts of theories, from animal cross-infection to some kind of bizarre, cannibalistic death cult that lucked into a surefire way to gain followers when they ate the wrong (right?) brain. Or mass hysteria. One guy claimed that he could prove it was an obscure Islamic practice that had been resurrected, but that was on Fox, and he never did explain how a fanatical new religious movement in Tanzania meant that we should bomb Iran.

They had a survivor (cultist?) on TV, too. She didn't seem to be aware of the cameras - she was preoccupied with the baby she was cradling in her arms. She rocked it back and forth, tucked against her breast. Her eyes were empty, and it looked like she was drooling. She was crooning softly, making sounds that managed to be both sing-song and gutteral. It sounded like language, but the voiceover said that it wasn't one that was known to anyone who'd seen the tape. Every now and then, she'd stroke a hand along the baby's forehead, and reach in to pull out another dripping gobbet of -

I can't. If you're reading this, you know what it was. You've probably seen them yourself. I can't stop seeing her every time I close my eyes.

The media were pretty quick to lock into their 'narrative' about what was going on. Maybe a day or so, tops. It was a cult, a bizarre, murderous, sick cult. The McLaughlin Group uniformly predicted it'd be a nine-day wonder, crushed by the Tanzanian government, who were reportedly sending in troops to quell it. There was talk of peacekeepers, but the Tanzanian goverment objected. By then it was cropping up in Rwanda and Kenya as well. Olbermann said that the media focus on it was a deliberate distraction from the Democrats' investigation into the US Attorney firings. The Daily Show did a bit on it - how to react if a friend or family member 'comes out' as a member of the cult. Meanwhile, the State Department's list of countries they warned Americans to stay out of quietly grew two new members: Zambia and the Netherlands. The CDC team wasn't on TV anymore. They weren't even mentioned.

The news was full of riots and fire, and chaos. But all of it was somewhere else, and I thought it was a hoax. Or an excuse. Or a coverup. Or anything except - god, what it was.

Of course the bloggers screamed. It started in places like Indymedia, where you're as likely to find an anarchist posting about chemtrails as anything else. All the conspiracy kooks picked it up. Like an early-warning system, only no one listened. And when the travel ban came down, you can be sure the political blogosphere mobilized. They wrote letters. They submitted FOIA requests. They demanded answers. There was talk of mounting a march on the Capitol. It didn't happen, of course. Events, as they say, overtook them.

Eventually, they grounded all the planes. They turned away all the boats - how many floating graveyards, overcome by disease or starvation? How many still alive, uninfected? - it doesn't bear thinking about. There were protests, of course, on humanitarian grounds, since no country would accept them, but they were still turned away. Eventually, in some cities at least, they set up barricades and patrols and curfews.

It's just that they were too late. The wonders of a global economy and just-in-time stocking and god knows what else - the world may not be flat, but it's way too small to contain something like this, once it gets going. You know, I always thought it would be weaponized smallpox, or aerosolized ebola, or a superflu ala Stephen King? Not this. I never imagined this.

I'm rambling again. Focus, dammit - I've got to be out of here in twenty minutes, tops.

I made jokes along with the rest of you - you know, let them come here, DC is full of zombies anyway, have you seen Adams Morgan at last call? I thought it was a hoax. Or, at best, it was hysteria over what would turn out to be nothing. Just your latest media distraction, move along please.

When the first case cropped up in the US, I thought it had to be a mistake. Or a copycat. Because no one in Lincoln, Nebraska was going to kill his wife and eat her brain. Lincoln fucking Nebraska. A week later, Lincoln burned to the ground. It was only the first.

I'm pretty sure DC's going to be next.

See, Congress actually got off its ass and did something for once - probably because their asses were all stuck here in DC, and they could see where self-interest lay - they bombed the bridges when the first case turned up in Richmond. They set up heavily-armed barricades on all the roads. DC is small, so it ought to be reasonably easy to defend, at least against a conventional enemy. I can almost laugh about it now.

They sent us home early, the day that Eastern Market burned. It turns out that fire kills them, and that Congress was too late.

I don't know why I'm wasting priceless time writing this. I guess I want to pretend that another human being will see it. I want there to be an lj and an internet for them to read it with. Most of my bookmarks are dead, though, and the power keeps flickering. Also, what else am I going to do?

I haven't been back to work since that day, but I'm going back now. The office is still closed - hell, the CEO is dead, and I think most of the directors are too, so I'm not sure there is a company any more - but a few of us have decided to try to find somewhere to hole up and wait all this out. We don't have much in the way of weapons - I think Dave has a couple of guns - but we have plenty of food, and at least we won't be alone. The roads are still mostly safe - during the day - even though driving past the Mall, with its unfinished mass graves and piles of corpses - and near-corpses lurching sluggishly through the remains - is enough to make me reflexively reach for my Ativan. I ran out days ago, though, so I'm just going to have to tough this one out. Not likely to get a refill any time soon.

I'm bringing my cat with me - how silly is that, but I can't leave her behind, I just can't. The Rite-Aid down the street has been closed for days, but someone smashed the window, and I got as much food and litter as I could. Cut myself pretty badly, too, but there were plenty of bandages, and I don't think they can smell blood. Filled my backseat - my trunk is full of people food.

One of them was holed up in there, and I was pretty sure I was dead when it rounded the end of the aisle and saw me, but it was daytime, and it only babbled at me in that maybe-a-language before turning and stumbling away.

Did anyone ever try to decipher their language? Did anyone ever try to talk to them? I spent a while just sitting against the shelves, crying, before I was able to get myself together, grab my cart, and go. You'd think we'd be able to kill them in the daytime - but they mostly hide, and we're too concerned with staying alive to go hunting for them. And we're too afraid of catching it.

I should have done something - tried to kill it, tried to talk to it; something. But they never worked out what exactly transmitted the disease, or at least, they never told us. And I've never killed anything. I don't know if I can, even zombies.

Shit - I should have checked the pharmacy for tranquilizers - I've been having about a panic attack an hour, seems like. No good now - it's getting late, and I have to get moving. If anyone is reading this - good luck. I saw two of them fighting last night, down on the street outside my bedroom window. Maybe they'll kill each other off, and the rest of us can try to recover. I can hope, can't I?
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....with a couple of questions for the flist.

First off, music-related: Does anyone know of a good site for finding the songs that were played on TV shows and the like? Because there was this one song, on episode 4 of Heroes (and incidentally ljasljadlskjsfdsf Heroes, but I am not caught up yet so DUN SPOIL PLZKTHX) that I *cannot* find by the usual lyrics searches. Here's what I can remember/decipher of the lyrics: )

The other question is etiquette-related, because it's something I just don't understand: Why the taboo against using cellphones in public? )
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1) Asking me for a cigarette, even outside the 7-11, is fine. I've been in the position of needing to bum a smoke, either because I was broke or because I was supposed to be quitting, so I'm generally willing to give you one, unless it's my last.

2) Asking me my name when I do give you a smoke is sometimes friendly; when it's accompanied by a sidestep that puts you between me and my car, it moves you into the realm of 'getting creepy'.

3) Repeating this maneuver several times, all the while asking me if I'm married (and dismissing my reply that I 'have a boyfriend' (a lie, but my standard MO in this sort of situation, and one that generally gets me out of the situation) by saying 'just a friend?'): MOVING YOU INTO SCARY TOWN.


Seriously, this asshole would not leave me alone. He moved on from there to trying to draw me further away from the store (and out of the sight of its windows), gesturing at the sixpack in my hand and asking if it was "Just for you? Or is it for me and you?" and not-so-subtly STAYING BETWEEN ME AND MY CAR. I claimed a nonexistent boyfriend, which is usually all it takes. No effect. I claimed I was taking the sixpack to 'meet some people', which he either ignored or pretended not to understand. Eventually someone else came out of the store, which momentarily distracted him; I ducked around him and got into my car and shut the door. Then he proceeded to walk up to my car and REACH OUT HIS HAND as though he was going to open the door; my seatbelt was only half on, but I gunned it backwards and proceeded to run a yellow light to get my ass through the intersection. At that point I would have welcomed being pulled over, as it would have meant a cop was there; I was about ten seconds away from heading back into the store and staying there until either a) he went away or b) they called the police, anyway.

And the asshole had the temerity to kiss his fingers at me as I drove away. WTF???

I know I'm sometimes prone to irrational fears, but I usually know when I'm being irrational, and the whole situation just felt very wrong to me. By the time I got home, my hands were shaking so badly I could barely get my key into the front door. Not to self-medicate, but I think I'm glad that I decided tonight was a beer night :P
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While discussing with [ profile] alittlewhisper the way a lot of stories featuring antagonistic pairings in HP seem to have gone downhill, in the sense that they've forgotten the whole, you know, antagonism part (and also, you damn kids, get offa my lawn):

Mags: the recipe is basically
Mags: 1 (one) fanbrat
Mags: 1 (one) major pairing
Mags: Add SUPERFICIAL ANGST to LAME PLOT, making sure to strain out any lurking BACKSTORY. Stir well and add PATCHY GRAMMAR and CONFUSED TENSES. Bake at 350 for 3 hours (a beta is unneccesary and will only sour the MAGICAL BROTH), and post to AS MANY COMMS AS POSSIBLE. Serves OMG U R JELLUS.
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Goddamn am I tired. I just spent the entire afternoon+evening cleaning, since my apartment had gone past the "embarassed to have guests" stage and into the "dear god how do I live like this" stage. So I finally managed to summon up the motivation to buckle down and get to work. Now my kitchen and bathtub are scrubbed, all the random crap has been picked up and put away or thrown out, and about half the recycling and laundry are done. Tomorrow I will hopefully continue this trend by vacuuming and finishing the recycling+laundry, and then I will finally be living like a human being instead of a disgusting slob.

Now I am relaxing on my couch with a beer and a Buffy DVD. I dunno what I'm going to do when I run out of Buffy to watch - I'm halfway through s5 as it is. I guess I'll have to find a new TV show I never watched to get off of Netflix. And since I've barely watched TV for the past, oh, ten years or so, I have plenty to catch up on. Anyone want to rec me something to start on next? I'm thinking Farscape at the moment.

aslkjalskdkj SO CLEAN. You would think I would get the hint from how happy it makes me when this place is actually in decent shape, and try to keep it that way instead of waiting until I can't stand it any more to take action. I'd resolve to do exactly that, except, well, I know me. Manageable goals are the name of the game.

Lumos left me feeling all YAYE FANDOM and wanting to write and stuff, but I can't seem to find the time. I know I could make the time if I could come up with the will to do it, but after a ten or twelve or god help me, fourteen hour day, all I want to do is come home and veg on the couch. And the weekends seem so precious - just a little slice of time to sleep and read and guzzle Panera's tasty coffee (and run errands and yes, go into a cleaning frenzy) - that it's hard to set aside enough time to actually do it. It's not that I don't enjoy writing, I definitely do - but I need at least several hours at a stretch to do it, and I can't seem to come up with that lately.

Meh. For now, I will sit with my beer and my Buffy, and occasionally glance around my apartment and be filled with joy at how OMG CLEAN it is. And there goes the dryer buzz, so I'm off.


Apr. 25th, 2006 10:50 pm
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] alittlewhisper!!!

Sadly, I did not manage any R/J for your birthday, but <33333333333333333333333333333333333, and also:

Because at least it's virtual cake ;)
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] miints!!!

I haven't talked to you in ages (haven't talked to anyone in ages, really *stabs work*), but <333 and I hope you had the bestest day ever :)
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