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I'm making an effort to write every single day. Getting accepted to VP was, in a weird way, a wake-up call: Yes, you really could be a writer, maybe, but you have to actually work at it. I've always been in the habit of writing whenever inspiration struck (or when I had a deadline); this frequently translated into every day, but it also translated into picking up and dropping projects as the new shiny caught my interest. I've wanted to be a writer for as long as I can remember, but I've never really worked at it before. That's got to change.

So I (re)joined [ profile] novel_in_90 and I'm really trying to put at least 750 words a day down on the page. They don't have to be amazing words - that's what rewriting is for. They just have to be words that make sense and move the plot along. And so far it seems to be working, if I can just stick with it. 21 days makes a habit, right?

The problem is that in a weird way I'm afraid of writing when I don't have a spark of something driving me. There's always that voice in the back of my head saying "You suck" unless I'm writing something that comes like magic and makes me feel like I'm great. Which I guess is what I have to get past.

And it's also why I'm writing this post instead of working on the novel. Because I'm typing, so it's like writing, but I don't have to do the Big Scary and actually flip to the Google Docs tab. Argh. Taking myself out back for a talking-to now.


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