Feb. 22nd, 2009

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So, having watched the first couple of episodes of Dollhouse, and having read everyone else's reactions, I don't find a lot to disagree with, in terms of the fact that Dollhouse is creepy and skeevy and wrong, and both way too much the Joss I know and not enough (in terms of dialogue etc) the Joss I hope for, and I don't necessarily trust that Joss is capable of recognizing and dealing with the skeeviness he's created in a way that actually makes it worth it. Last night's episode really drove home what it was that creeped me out the worst about the show, though: cut for spoilers )

And then there's the fact that I've read the alleged original pilot script, and it's so much better than either of the two episodes that have aired, and I can actually find the Joss in it (see post subject), unlike the episodes that have aired. It actually makes me want to watch the show. Did we know that spoiler )? Because I totally missed that, if so. The show that it lays out is so much more convoluted, and contains so many more realized (in that one episode) factions, and seems at least somewhat more aware of the creepiness of the premise - it's just all-around so much better than what's actually aired.

Dammit, FOX, why do you make everything suck?


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